Monday-Friday 11-2:00

  Events/Meeting room available

​(Call for availability)

 CATERING --your place or ours!

  • ​Pick up at the Cafe during business hours or delivery may be available when Cafe is closed
  • ​Prices are per person

MENU Ideas:

LUNCHEON- Sandwiches plus 2 salads (chicken salad on croissant, ham & cheese, turkey &             cheese); Salads:  garden, mixed greens, pasta, potato, cole slaw, carrot salad) $8.50

CASSEROLES:  1 entree, 1 side, bread,  $9.00  

      ENTREES:  King Ranch Chicken, Chicken Spaghetti, Chicken & dumplings, Chicken Pot  

                         Pie, Hamburger stroganoff, Lasagna, beef enchiladas, Shepard Pie,                                        Sour Cream Chicken over rice, Baked Ziti

      SIDES:  Salad, green beans, corn, roasted vegetables, Red potatoes, Twice

                    baked potatoes, Rice & beans

      BREAD:  Yeast rolls, garlic bread, Cornbread, Chips & Salsa

Having a more formal gathering such as a banquet or wedding?  Call for a consultation. 

                        Here are some of our more popular menu selections:


      Italian-Chicken picata, Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, Steak Marsala, Lasagna,

                  Veggie lasagna,  Tortellini Florentine (Entree, salad, vegetable, bread)

      Mexican- Fajitas served with rice & beans, chips & salsa, and all the trimmings

      Traditional- turkey & dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes, cranberry, rolls

      Classic-Roast beef, Pork loin, OR chicken served with potatoes, salad, vegetable, rolls

      Western-BBQ brisket, sausage, potato salad, beans, cole slaw, pickles & onions, bread                              (100 person minimum for brisket)

      Seafood-Crab stuffed fish, shrimp scampi, rice, vegetable, salad, bread 


      Bread Pudding, Fruit Crisp (cherry, apple, or peach), Cake, Pies, Sopapilla cheesecake,         , Brownie/cookie Trays

 The menu choices are just suggestions--if you don't see what you are looking for--just ask!